Say 'Yes' to Lembas Bride.

I'm so thrilled to announce that #LembasBride is here!

I wanted to personally introduce the line to all of you lovers. I have been making veils for my friends for a few years now. It all started when I made my very first veil--the veil I wore in my own wedding. Since then it has been a little side project I had for all of my dear friends, but now I am bringing it to all of you. Here on the Lembas shop, we have veils from simple, to bohemian, to extravagant. You'll find them under the 'bridal' tab. As always, I'll be adding more things every few weeks, with a focus on adding more garters (chain and lace).

For now, here's some photos for you all--Enjoy!

Photos by Amanda Kolstedt Photography // Hair by Maria Tsafos + Karen of // Makeup by BAYLA Artistry // Models Ashley Dobson + Nicole Weese // Wardrobe, bridal accessories + jewellery by Lembas.

Click through for more photos.

A special introduction.

To kick off the launch of our first jewellery collection, I'd like to make a special introduction. This collection is very special to me for various reasons.

Throughout my life, I never truly fell in love with the art of accessories or jewellery. It was always too delicate and feminine, while I viewed myself as a little scrappy with rough edges–though there may have been a hint of femininity in there somewhere! I loved draping chains, spikes, metals and adored the costumery in medieval and fantasy tales. Later, while working in the fashion industry modeling for designers and styling wardrobes, I started to fall in love with avant-garde fashion and minimalist silhouettes. With this jewellery line, I hope to marry my love of tough metal–fit for my favourite fantasy story heroines–with my love of high fashion and wearable practicality. I want to provide jewellery for those that want beautiful pieces with a little edge and toughness added.

I hope you enjoy it and thank you for all of the love, it means the world to me.